Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Firearms Legislation Introduced

The Pennsylvania State Senate introduced five new firearms bills in the past few days.  I'm including just a few words on each, but this is my impression after skimming each bill.  Interested readers are encouraged to review each bill for themselves to get a fuller understanding.

Senate Bill 98 focuses on penalties for carrying firearms on Philadelphia streets without a license.  Introduced by FARNESE, HAYWOOD, TARTAGLIONE, HUGHES, LEACH AND KITCHEN,

Senate Bill 309 seems to be another pathway to thwarting straw purchases.  Introduced by HUGHES, HAYWOOD AND FARNESE

Senate Bill 310 does something but I'm not sure what -- it refers to other sections of the law.  Introduced by HUGHES, HAYWOOD AND FARNESE

Senate Bill 311 calls for people applying for a gun license to have completed a firearm safety course.  Introduced by HUGHES, FARNESE, HAYWOOD AND WILLIAMS

Senate Bill 312 adds in several things.  I couldn't follow all of them.  Introduced by HUGHES, HAYWOOD, FONTANA AND FARNESE

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