Sunday, November 16, 2014

Trivedi Thank You

This arrived in the inbox just after the election, from Dr. Manan Trivedi:

   From my days of playing sports for Fleetwood High School, good sportsmanship was always a must. With that, I thanked and congratulated Ryan Costello on his win last night and wish him all the best in making decisions that  serve everyone of Pennsylvania's 6th district.
Immediately afterward,  I thanked my wife, Surehka. It is so amazing how she has supported and encouraged me to serve. Whether it was for my country as a Lt. Commander in the Navy, for my community as a doctor or as a candidate for Congress, Surehka has given so much to make that happen. I love her and can never express how grateful I am for her.

And you. No matter the odds, people came together to offer their time, money and words of encouragement. Just like receiving a random letter while on the battlefield in Iraq that lifted my spirits, everyone involved in this campaign gave me the energy and purpose to keep going.

I promise to always stay committed to fighting for economic fairness for all, the care of my fellow veterans, to improve education and to guarantee that everyone truly has affordable access to health care.

Thank you again. What a run it has been. But for now, the only running around I am going to do is as a dad. It's time to play with Sonia and Ashmi.

With so much appreciation,


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