Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Statement from Montgomery County Dems

From the inbox, a statement from Marcel Groen, chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee:


A very difficult primary has come to a conclusion, and regardless of the outcome, we can be proud that all the candidates were of superior quality who, as a testament to our collective hard work over the decades in building our party, reflect the values and principles important to us in Montgomery County.  
Congratulations to Tom Wolf and Mike Stack; to Brendan Boyle and Kevin Strouse; to Art Haywood; to Pam DeLissio; and to Jack Hansen for getting over 800 write-in signatures to be our candidate in the 24th Senatorial district.
Primaries are difficult for the contestants and their supporters. How we react to the results will determine how we, as a party, move forward.  Often, these struggles strengthen us, make us stronger, and are an integral part of our growth as an institution and a party.  I know that will be the case for us, for the victors and for those who were unsuccessful.  And, for those who fell short, we know that they deserve and have earned our respect and admiration.    
In the end, we know that primaries test us, challenge us as a party, which, after all, is the ultimate point.  We share the same goals of making our county, our state, and our nation a better place to live - from the wealthiest to the poorest - to preserve our environment, to ensure that government works for all and not just some, to promote tolerance, to eradicate prejudice, and to help those who need the most help.  We are Democrats and we believe in working for the common good for ourselves and our neighbors, for our time and for generations to come.  
When we talk about this election, let us do it with pride and comfort in the knowledge that we did our best, that those who participated deserve our thanks, and that we will all have to work together as a team to win in November and the future. 
 Marcel L. Groen, Chairman

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