Thursday, May 29, 2014

Damsker Asks for Debate

Ruth Damsker, former Montgomery County commissioner, is the Democratic candidate for State Senate in the 12th district.  She has formally asked incumbent Republican Stewart Greenleaf for one or more debates before the November election.

She lists some of the issues facing the district as:

1. Educational opportunities and costs for all our children. 
2. Fracking, taxing the drillers and the environmental concerns that surround it.
3. Recovering the $3.3 billion in medicaid dollars for 682,000 Pennsylvanians. 
4. Stand Your Ground/Guns Everywhere legislation and how it was narrowly avoided in
Pennsylvania, by a Rendell veto,  in 2010.

5. Equal Pay for women. 
6. Women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. 
7. Small business tax relief and economic growth. 
8. Net Neutrality and the impact on Pennsylvania business and consumers. 
9. Gerrymandering and voter access. 
10. Comprehensive non discrimination protection. 

Ruth’s views on many of these topics may be found on her web­site at

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