Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rasmussen Poll Call on Saturday

Saturday afternoon we were called for a Rasmussen phone survey.  It was one of those annoying automated surveys; no actually person to person contact.  The recorded voice reads a question and offers options for answers (example:  Press 1 for yes, press 2 for no, press 3 for no opinion).

Here are my notes from the call; apologies in advance for any errors:

Is the country headed in the right direction:

How would you rate President Barack Obama?


Age range



How often do you vote?

Identify as Democrat or Republican

Would you vote for a Republican or Democrat for Congress?

What is your top priority:  national security, economic, domestic (social security), cultural (abortion, gay rights), fiscal issues?

How would you rate President Barack Obama on health care, on social security

Have you followed the NSA / Edward Snowden story?

Do you view him as a heroic whistleblower, a traitor, something in between, or is it too early to tell?

Regardless of how you view Edward Snowden, do you think is it good or bad that we know more about how the NSA operates?

Are the continuing NSA disclosures hurting the US?

To stop these disclosures should we stop prosecuting Snowden in exchange for getting all the information back?

Are you a conservative, moderate, or liberal?

Have you followed the health care story closely?

Should the government require all Americans to buy health care?

Do you know if your state has set up an exchange or if it is using the federal exchange?

Have you set up health care through the exchanges?

Question on income range

Do you work for a government agency or a private company [blogger's note:  there were other options here but I didn't catch them]

Are you part of the Tea Party?

Whose judgment do you trust more the American people or American political leaders?

Has the federal government become a special interest group that looks out for itself?

Do government and business work together in a way that hurts consumers?

Results of the survey will be available at:

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