Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's Legislation Infobits

Why so many posts on legislation lately?  Mostly because I've actually had to time to scan the emails that come through every day the legislature is in session listing what bills were introduced and acted upon.  (You, too, can receive these fascinating missives.)  For most of the year I've just filed them for review later, and then never looked at them again.  But now I actually skim them and take a look at anything that catches my eye.

These are just two of the many pieces of legislation that were noted in today's email.

HB 891 amends the state's game law to allow "The checking of traps remotely by electronic means
by a properly permitted nuisance wildlife control operator."

HB 1243 creates a process (or amends an existing process, it's hard to tell) for people who have been in mental hospitals or legally declared mentally incompetent to appeal to the court of common pleas for the ability to legally own firearms.  State Rep Todd Stephens appears to be the primary sponsor on that one.

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