Thursday, November 10, 2011

Save Mr. Blinky's Ties!!!!

My transit patterns were altered recently, a little more driving than usual (the city is beautiful at night) and some trains I don't usually ride.  There is a SEPTA regional rail conductor that I see now and then, a few times a year anyway.  He frequently wears light up ties or has strands of tiny lights on his tie.  He's one of the conductors that clearly enjoys his job.  I saw him this week and he was wearing a plain black tie.  I asked around and found out that, get this, some riders got together and started a petition against his illuminated ties.  Someone complained about his ties.  In response some riders started a petition for him to be able to keep the ties.  Seriously, that's what happened. 

In my years as a regional rail rider I've seen conductors quiz riders about current events (and on one occasion, horror, math!), read poetry over the intercom, and assorted other shows of personality.  One of my favorites, though, has been the light up tie guy.  I don't know his name or anything about him.  For the purposes of this post let's call him Mr. Blinky.

I've heard of riders complaining because a conductor had the temerity to step into a station coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee while the train was stopped, and assorted other innocuous behavior.  What's up with that?  And why pick on a guy who decorates his ties?  The lights aren't strobing so I don't think it would induce a seizure.  It's just a small string of lights on his tie.  I didn't hear any complaints about the conductor who playfully said anyone wearing Steelers gear would be put off the train.  It was a joke.  Mr. Blinky decorates his ties.  What's the problem with that? 

I don't know what happened that led to the petitions.  All I can say is that I always enjoyed seeing Mr. Blink's illuminated ties.  Pun intended, I think people need to lighten up.

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ACM said...

probably related to the folks who don't like holiday decorations in the ticket-takers' booths. kill-joys, all!