Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gerber Supports Haaz and Austin

from the inbox:

State Representative Mike Gerber (D-148th District) restated his endorsement of Richard Haaz and Cheryl Austin for Montgomery County Judge.

Yesterday, a mailer from Republican Dan Clifford -- who is not endorsed by Gerber -- was circulated to Democratic voters throughout Montgomery County. The mailer made it seem as though Gerber was endorsing Clifford's campaign, which he is not.

"I have been steadfast in my support of Richard Haaz and Cheryl Austin for Montgomery County Judge," said Rep. Mike Gerber. "Today, I want to unequivocally state that I am only endorsing Haaz and Austin for Montgomery County Judge and that is why I have supported them and I have contributed to their campaigns.

“I’m disappointed in these Republican tactics and I want to set the record straight where I stand in this election -- I did not endorse Dan Clifford and have only endorsed Richard Haaz and Cheryl Austin for Judge.”

The Clifford mailer in question shows a photo of Gerber and Clifford together with the headline "Unmatched Bipartisan Support." Under the headline is a quote from Gerber that was lifted from a 2010 press release discussing Clifford's efforts on behalf of the Montgomery County Bar Association. The quote, which was edited and distorted, had nothing to do with the judicial campaign and was solely focused on Clifford’s work with the Bar’s diversity committee.

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