Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brady Endorses McCaffery

Congressman Bob Brady today endorsed Dan McCaffery, one of the Democratic candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General.  Here is the text of Brady's letter:

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. As I'm sure you're aware, in 2012 our party will have the unique opportunity to elect the first Democrat ever to the office of Attorney General. In a time filled with corporate greed, Ponzi schemes, white-collar crimes and financial fraud, never before has the office of Attorney General been more important to the hardworking people of Pennsylvania. We need a bold leader who is not afraid to fight the hard fight and bring those accountable to justice.  I am therefore asking you to join me in supporting Dan McCaffery for Attorney General.

Dan McCaffery is a seasoned prosecutor and trial attorney who has the qualifications and experience to win - not only the Primary, but the General Election next November as well. As a former Assistant District Attorney and soldier in the Army First Cavalry Division, Dan has the requisite experience and discipline to get the job done.

As a career trial lawyer, Dan will bring a lifetime of actual experience to this office, something no other candidate can say. I am proud to support Dan McCaffery for Attorney General and know that with your help, we can elect the first Democratic Attorney General in Pennsylvania's history.


Robert A. Brady, Chairman Philadelphia Democratic Party

Those unfamiliar with McCaffery can learn more about him at his campaign website:  www.mccaffery2012.com.  He ran for Philadelphia District Attorney in 2009 and his campaign questionnaire Neighborhood Networks is still up on their site.  While it is for a different office there are some good questions and answer there.  This is one of my favorite passages:

I also believe that it is finally time to hold Philadelphia’s lenient and inadequate judges accountable for their judgments. It is an unfortunate reality that today, many judges are more accountable to the party machines that elect them then to providing justice to Philadelphians.

I was reading something about that just today in the paper ("Judge wins election despite money and ethics trouble," by Mark Fazollah, Inquierer (11/14).

But that's a side comment.  The primary is just 6 or so months away.  Voters should start reading up on the candidates and not wait for the last minute barrage of tv ads to make up their minds.


Anonymous said...

The article you cite about unaccountable judge Thomas Nocella is indeed a good one. The guy owes the IRS $358,000. He filed for bankruptcy owing more than a million. He screwed a VFW post in Manayunk, pocketing $60,000 in a scheme that even his own lawyer says is "wrong."

How, you ask, does this character get to be a judge? Just like McCaffery, he got the backing of Bob Brady. "He's the one in control," Nocella said.

The article continues: "He pointed out that he had done years of legal work for the party and said the judgeship was his reward. 'That's the way it's done in Pennsylvania.'"


AboveAvgJane said...

I don't think Philly has a monopoly on that kind of stuff, but, yeah, the judge has some interesting comments.