Monday, March 14, 2011

Local Blog Updates

A few notes from the local blogosphere: seems to be rebooting; there are some new blog entries. You can also follow them on twitter, pa2012news

The University of Pennsylvania Democrats are also restarting their blog: Demsblog (

There is also a Montco Dems blog but it is someone's personal blog and not an official communication outlet for the county Democratic party organization:

The Chief Cultural Officer of the City of Philadelphia has a blog: You can also follow him on Twitter at

And, once again, if you aren't reading the Morning Call's Capitol Ideas blog you don't have the full picture of Pennsylvania politics.


Montco PA Dem said...

Just to confirm that my scribblings are wholely my own opinions and don't in any way reflect anything coming from MCDC. Far from it, in fact - I'm pretty alienated by how the party is run here in Montco. I started posting on Kos years ago as "Montco PA Dem" and just decided to use the same handle in comments on newspaper sites later on and then in the blog. Anyway, thanks for noticing and for the link. Stop by anytime. -- MPD

AboveAvgJane said...

John Morgan, who writes the Pennsylvania Progressive used to have a blog called (I think) Berks Dems but it was his blog and not the county party's blog. At some point there were problems. If you run into any trouble you might consult with him about what he did.