Monday, March 14, 2011

Howard Treatman's Office Opening

Howard Treatman, candidate for Philadelphia's 8th city council district (there are a number of candidates for this district), held an office opening this afternoon. I was in Germantown visiting friends and noticed someone on the sidewalk holding up a Treatmen sign. Thinking that there might be free cookies involved I trotted up the stairs to the second floor office.

Having written this blog for a number of years now I've been in a lot of campaign offices. The people who work there might have personality but the offices themselves often don't. Treatman's campaign office has some zing. The walls are a nice color. Someone had attached a few balloons to the wall, either with tape or static electricity. It's a small office suite and I could see it getting crowded if a lot of people come in for phone banking or mailing preparation but the people were very genial and that always helps in those situations.

Treatman greeted people and answered questions. He's in a suit on his website but today was wearing a tweed jacket and jeans. The hem of his jeans was frayed and his shoes were worn but polished. That provides a "man of the people" impression and he seemed very comfortable in his setting.

I haven't had a chance to look into city council candidates closely. Those interested in Treatman might enjoy reading an in-depth article on him in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.

The people in Treatman's office were pleasant and easy-going. The event was well-organized (and, yes, there were cookies).

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