Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cindy Bass on Healthy Eating

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Today, Cindy Bass, candidate for Philadelphia City Council in the 8th District, announced her plan to increase access to healthy foods in lower-income neighborhoods throughout the District and the City.

“There is a dire need for lasting and stable sources of healthy food in our communities,” Bass said. “As Councilwoman I will be both a leader in the community and a facilitator of commonsense business in the 8th District. Attracting more grocery stores and farmers markets to the District will not only improve the overall health of the residents and our children, but will also create new, sustainable wage jobs and services in the community.”

In addition to grocery stores and farmers markets, Bass proposed the development of “Healthy Food Hubs,” which would combine the sale of healthy foods with information about eating healthy, cooking classes, and community gardens.

Bass outlined the importance of healthy food, citing increased obesity, and other diet-related diseases. She went on to applaud aspects of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative as a model for what is needed in Philadelphia . In particular she wants further implementation of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a federal partnership which provides financing for developing and equipping grocery stores, convenience stores and farmers markets selling healthy food in underserved areas.

“The preponderance of convenience stores and fast food restaurants have left the most vulnerable of our citizens—children in low-income neighborhoods—without the nutrition they need for brain development during their early, formidable years,” said Bass.

Cindy also wants to facilitate small business and startup grocery stores by helping their owners navigate bureaucracy. As Councilwoman, she will use her office to bring community leaders, business leaders, and government entities together to do what is best for the 8th Council District and the City as a whole. Additionally,

Bass added, “The job of a City Councilperson is to assist projects that will be beneficial to the District and the City. I plan to help cut through the red tape on the issue of healthy food accessibility and improve the quality of life for our residents.”

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