Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on HR 3

Remember H.R. 3, the Republican bill that limited abortion rights to those who had been "forcibly" raped? The bill that exempted statutory rape? Remember that, according to Politico ("GOP loses 'forcible rape' language," by Jonathan Allen, 2/03/2011), the GOP said the bill would be altered to remove the "forcible rape" language? That was about 3 weeks ago. According to Thomas (www.thomas.gov), H.R. 3 has not been altered or amended. The language remains in place. None of the Pennsylvania representatives who co-sponsored it have removed their name. The bill is currently in the Judiciary Committee. Hearings on it were held on Feb. 8th and there has been no further action since then.

These are the Pennsylvania congressmen who co-sponsored the bill:

PA Co-Sponsors:

Lou Barletta (PA-11)
Mark Critz (PA-12)
Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08)
Jim Gerlach (PA-06)
Tim Marino (PA-10)
Tim Murphy (PA-18)
Joe Pitts (PA-16)
Bill Shuster (PA-09)
Glenn Thompson (PA-05)


Robin said...

I was in Fitzpatrick's office on Monday. He refused to say he'd take his name off HR 3. Women need to get loud about this.

Robin said...

PS - going to Gerlach's today to ask the same question.