Monday, November 01, 2010

Quick Look: Bryan Allen in 6th State Senate District

Bryan Allen is the Democratic candidate for the 6th state senate district (part of Bucks County). The Bucks County Courier Times has endorsed him. In various travels around to political events this season I've run into Bryan three or four times and intended to write up a long post on him but time has gotten away from me so this is shorter than originally intended.

Bryan is personable and easy to talk to; he can work a room well. Allen has worked as a legislative aide in State Rep. Tony Melio's office for several years and served a four year term on the Bensalem council, the first Democrat to be elected in 20 years. He was the second highest vote getter when elected in 2005.

While he was on the Bensalem council he worked to preserve wetlands, lowering the business tax for those earning less than $12,000 a year, and questioned the city's contracts for legal services and the amounts spend on vehicles.

Among the issues he has listed for his state senate race are government reform, better protection of children of gamblers, and reduction of the property tax.

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