Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Policy Issues in the 7th Congressional District

Yesterday I reviewed the health care issue statements of Pat Meehan (Rep) and Bryan Lentz (Dem), the candidates for the 7th congressional district. They have a few other comparable issue statements and we will look at those this evening.


Both men focus on small business in their policy statements. Meehan wants to do more to providing small businesses "with the tools they need to succeed" but he doesn't specify what they are. He does think we should "free small business of overly burdensome regulation that restrict innovation and growth and a tax structure than punishes entrepreneurs rather than reward them for creating jobs." Lentz says he will "end tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas and cut taxes for small businesses that are creating jobs here at home." He also says he will hold Wall Street accountable to "unchecked greed and bad practices." Like Meehan, Lentz mentions small business, saying he “will work hard to ensure that small business owners have access to the capital they need to keep our economy thriving.”

Interestingly Meeham "supports increased investment in our region's infrastructure, including highways and mass transit, as well as our aging water and sewer systems. The infrastructure invesment will help create immediate jobs, while also improving the quality of life for local residents and the ability of our region to attract new employers." Wouldn't that be stimulus money? Or some other form of government money?

Meehan also mentions education but only in the areas of math and science.

Government Reform / Fiscal Responsibility

Meehan focuses exclusively on the middle class in his statement on "fiscal responsibility and taxes."

While he is steadfastly opposed to any form of income tax increases on the middle-class, Pat Meehan is equally concerned by the potential for Congress to impose new stealth or hidden taxes that will be passed on to working families.
That is his primary point, although he also devotes a paragraph to eliminating waste and abuse in the federal government. Both mention experience as prosecutors. Lentz refers to himself as a “tough and independent” former prosecutor. Meehan notes his work as a U.S. Attorney but states he “personally fought ad prosecuted cases” which could be in reaction to Lentz’s claim that Meehan has not prosecuted a case himself but acted in an administrative function. Lentz provides some evidence for his status as a reformer, voting to end "secretive midnight votes" in Harrisburg and supporting the state's "Right to Know Law." Lentz takes a shot at the GOP by referencing "the culture of corruption that thrived under the Republican-controlled Congress with scandals like Jack Abramoff" and others. He also mentions lobbying reform.

Lentz has policy statements on veterans, seniors, and renewable energy. Meehan has a policy on transportation. Voters in the 7th are encouraged to read the policy statements carefully, compare the candidate's records, and attend debates or townhall meetings (Lentz is holding a series of economic townhalls) to observe them in person.

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