Saturday, February 06, 2010

hhgregg Coming to Philly

In Friday's WSJ, "Midwest retailer seizes change to take on Best Buy in downturn," by Miguel Bustillo, we find this:

Retailer hhgregg Inc., long a Midwest consumer electronics star, is moving aggressively to capitalize on chaper rents during the economic downturn by building a nation-wide presence to challenge much bigger rival Best Buy Co.

the Indianapolis company will open 40 to 45 stores in the Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore areas in coming months as part of a broader plan to expand to 600 stores this decade from 127 currently.

Hopefully that means they will be hiring. If stores are distributed evenly among the three urban areas listed that means approximately 15 stores would be opening in the Philadelphia area. Each would need a physical location, staff, deliveries, etc., and people to perform those tasks.

So far no "coming soon" signs in Pennsylvania on their website's store locator but the plan are good news anyway.


Frank Klose said...

There are "Coming soon" signs in Lawrenceville, Willow Grove, Northeast Philadelphia, Berwyn, and I hear of Deptford as well...

AboveAvgJane said...