Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Quick Look at Backflow Preventers

Cleaning up during the holidays I found a few things that had been intended for the "to be blogged about" pile but instead were filed elsewhere. This is one of those items.

Way back in November Danny Adler wrote an article for the Bucks County Courier Times, "Murphy pushes for anti-flooding device," (11/27), on proposed funding for backflow preventers in the Rivermawr section of Yardley. Wondering what a backflow preventer is? According to the article:

The devices will prevent water from backing up through the drainage system out onto the streets and into homes in Rivermawr, officials said. After a 22-foot flood, though, the backflow preventers won't do much, officials said.

Want more info?

There is an American Backflow Prevention Association.

Vanderburgh County, Indiana provides some information on individual household backflow preventers.

The City of St. George, Utah, tells about different types of backflow preventers, complete with photos and such for comparison.

FEMA weighs in.

Commercial Building Products talks about what happens when backflow preventers fail.

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