Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sound and Fury

A few words on the Montgomery County Commissioners.

Since I've written blog posts on the policy statements of the Democratic candidates for commissioner in Delaware County and Montgomery Count it seemed only fair to look at what the incumbent Republicans have say. Here's what Montco GOP candidates are proposing:

[blank space]

That's right. There are no policy statements, position papers, or any other things of that nature on You can find biographical statements, links to news articles, contribution and volunteer pages, but the "working for you" page is still under construction. Better get a move on there, guys, the elections just about a month away.

In other Montco news, Republican Commissioner Tom Ellis has taken to leaving messages for Democratic Commissioner Ruth Damsker's voicemail, bragging about shady fundraising by the Republican candidates and telling her to enjoy her last few months on the board. Very mature there, Tom. Are you still trying to find Prince Albert in a can?

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