Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hotcha!! LgDb and Pennsylvania Legislation

Hey, hey, all you Pennsylvania politicos. There is a new game in town. LgDb is a new web service that will let you track legislation, see what bills an official has sponsored, and find similar bills. It's not just PA but a number (all?) states. In fact you have to actively limit to Pennsylvania. is the URL. You can search on a legislator's name in the general search box but to search by topic or limit to PA, use the advanced search function. (It doesn't readily show up, just put something into the search box and one of your options on the search results page is "advanced search.")

One note -- there are a number of short instructional or informative videos imbedded in the site that start up automatically. Something to keep in mind if you are at work and your work does not involve politics.

There is a more advanced version aimed at people in the political business; there is, of course, a fee for that, but you can set up bill sheets that clients can check on to track progress, etc. Armchair politicos like me can do very nicely with the free version.

Next time I update the sidebar (possibly redecorating the blog over Labor Day weekend) I'll add this.

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