Monday, July 09, 2007

One Final Word (Hopefully) on the PA Legislature Today

PCN has been showing the Pennsylvania House Republicans interacting with the press. It is interesting. Rep. Sam Smith, House Minority Leader, is definitely ticked off. Note to him, though, when a reporter asks how long they will be on the House floor (the House Dems are not there so the GOP is doing a lot of posturing about that) it isn't a good idea to laugh and say "until you turn the cameras off." That really isn't funny under the circumstances. The GOP in both the House and Senate keep saying they are sticking to their values, no new taxes and control spending.

House Appropriations Committee chair Rep. Dwight Evans of Philadelphia was also shown talking to a reporter. He sounded, as usual, calm and even.

One group was asked who people were blaming for this and some legislator said the blogs were blaming the governor. While I appreciate his faith in this communication medium, I don't think bloggers should be taken as a representative cross section of the state populace. And, personally, I think there is enough blame to go around.

Finally, gosh it sure it nice to know the state's government considers state liquor stores and casinos essential but state parks aren't. That will look great on a tourist brochure and is certainly a wonderful way to market the state as a good home for young families [sarcasm].

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