Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting Your Shapiro Fix

Now that we aren't seeing live coverage of the state house on PCN or the smiling faces of legislative leaders in the paper or the news some of you might be having withdrawal symptoms. Should you be "jonesing for Josh," here are a few recent / forthcoming tidbits on State Rep. Josh Shapiro (D-153), who will no doubt be leaping over tall buildings near you any day now.

From next month's Philadelphia Magazine, the Best of Philly issue, we find:

What's this? A Pennsylvania legislator who has [this being a G-rated blog let's just say "gentlemanly attributes"] ... and isn't ethically challenged? Just beginning his second term, Josh Shapiro -- a Montgomery County Democrat -- helped engineer the overthrow of Republican House Speaker John Perzel in January. More important, since then he's been one of the leading voices for cleaning up the way things work in Harrisburg, co-chairing the Speaker's Commission on Legislative Reform and helping to pass changes that tighten lawmaker's perks and expand public disclosure. If Shapiro isn't careful, something resembling democracy may soon break out in Harrisburg.

If you've never seen Shapiro, he recently appeared on "Insider Insights." I didn't time the video but it is probably 15 or 20 minutes long. Shapiro is given to thoughtful answers so don't look for sound bites.

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