Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Note on Copy Editors at the Inquirer

Also in this month's Philadelphia Magazine is an article on Philadelpia Inquirer boss Brian Tierney, entitled "Press Lord 2.0" by Jason Fagone. In it you will find this sentence:

Tierney wants a paper that "pops," yet he has laid off 13 of the paper's 45 copy editors -- the Inky's gurus of pop.

I wasn't going to say anything but this is noticeable in the daily reading of the paper. It may seem odd for a blogger to point this out but blogging is not held to the same grammatical and spelling standards as the flagship newspaper of one of the nation's largest cities. In the last week, for example, I saw oversees used for overseas, te for the, and today wee for what was surely intended as were. These things do pop but not in a good way.

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Anonymous said...

agreed! the inquirer has been going downhill for years (ever since they started pre-empting news headlines with Eagles scores on the front page), but laying off copy editors makes it just unbearable to read.