Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New PA House Reforms Introduced

The committee suggesting new rules for the Pennsylvania House has introduced their reform bill, HR 108. You can read the full text here. It looks daunting but any suggested change is underlined so you can skim through and just read the new stuff. One interesting note -- they are amending the language of the House rules to change chairman to chair, "he" to the Speaker or another title. It also sets a starting and ending time to House business, per diem requirements, legislative nonprofits, public service announcements, vehicle leases, release of salary numbers, posting votes on the Internet (I note that it didn't say publicly available Internet; someone could password it), "gut and run" bill changes, and more.

It looks good to me. Many congratulations to Reps. SHAPIRO, STEIL, ARGALL, BENNINGHOFF, COHEN, COX, DALLY, FREEMAN, GRELL, MAHONEY, MANDERINO, MUNDY, NAILOR, ROAE, ROHRER, RUBLEY, SAINATO, SCHRODER, TANGRETTI, THOMAS, VEREB, VITALI, WALKO AND WILLIAMS on a job well done. (Sorry about the caps -- I just cut and pasted the names.)


Anonymous said...

Rep. Cohen's name being on that bill is actually a little misleading.

AboveAvgJane said...

Interesting. Thanks for the link.