Tuesday, March 27, 2007

February Senate Journals

Not much happened in the Pennsylvania State Senate in February. The entire senate met on five days and the journals for those days were not particularly lengthy. Here are the dates and number of pages:

Feb. 5 (9 p.)
Feb. 6 (5 p.)
Feb. 7 (8 p.)
Feb. 12 (17 p.)
Feb. 13 (12 p.)

On the 5th Sen. Vince Fumo stepped aside as chair of the Appropriations Committee while his legal status is straightened out.

On the 7th four bills were introduced that all concerned nursing babies. Since this was a topic of discussion on this and other local blogs in the recent past I will make a point of looking at those bills more closely. (If you want a head start see SB 34 - SB 38).

On the 12th Sen. Fumo did another one of his reverse Carthago delenda est talks on the Iraq War.


On the 5th the following senators requested leaves of one kind or another: Punt, M J White, Sout Armstrong

On the 6th Senators Piccola (returns) and Fumo

On the 12th, McIlhenny (returns), Piccola

On the 13th, D White, Ferlo, Robbins, and M J White

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