Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Evans Live Webchat

This evening I sat in on part of a live video chat with mayoral candidate and current state rep. Dwight Evans. I had some technical difficulties, a frozen screen for about 10 minutes, more questions and then another freeze. After waiting another 10 minutes I closed it down, so I actually only heard a total of about 10 or 15 minutes. According to Evan’s web site (www.evansformayor.com), over 260 people attended and video highlights will be posted there. It is an interesting concept. You click in, the screen is divided with people typing in questions in one section and a video of Evans answering them in another. Here are the questions and answers I caught, even if only partially. The little Janes were doing homework at the same time and I was interrupted for help with math a few times.

Q: plans for reducing crime
A: leadership, personal and individual responsibility, better gun policy

Q: should the party have endorsed Brady
A: didn’t ask for the endorsement – there should be an open primary.

Q: gun control legislation
A: This coming Friday there will be a committee meeting. Judiciary committee, there will be a number of hearings, some in Philadelphia. He encourages people to attend and voice opinions. It’s not just a Philly problem, but also a problem in Allentown and Reading and other places. There are too many guns on the street.

Q: gentrification and center city sprawl
A: There should be a balance between growth and preservation. We need to be sensitive to the people who are already there.

Q: public transportation
A: The mayor can put 2 people on the SEPTA board. Mass transit is important for a number of reasons, including environmental concerns and economic development. We need a point person on this and a relationship with both Harrisburg and Washington.

The next two questions dealt with getting young people involved in the political process but I didn’t catch enough of the answers to make any notes.

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Ryan Alexander said...


Thank you for joining us on the chat, sorry that you had problems logging in. Userplane (the company that provided the webchat) had server problems all day and we were actually worried that it wasn't going to happen at all.

The next video chat will be even better with higher video quality and an easier login, so people won't have as many problems.

Stay tuned at www.evansformayor.com for more info as to when the next chat will be.