Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Suburban State Races Act Blue Page

Congressional candidates and national bloggers have been effectively using ActBlue as a fundraising tool for some time. The idea has begun to trickle down to state level races. eRobin at Factesque and I have been talking about setting up an ActBlue page for suburban Philly bloggers to highlight state level progressive candidates. Today, on Blogosphere day, we'd like to announce the formation of the Progressive Suburban Philly Bloggers. Our first three candidates are Paul Lang (6th state senate), Bryan Lentz (161st state house) and Rick Taylor (151st state house). In our vast spare time we'll be inviting other bloggers to join us and researching other candidates. Or, hey, you can get in touch with one of us. We're focusing on Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, candidates from those areas, and bloggers that focus at least in part on those areas.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! Bryan Lentz is running a strong campaign and can win if not out spent by the republican machine in Del Co. This race has been targeted as a top priority by the Govenor and State Committee. Spread the word. Progressive candidates can and will win in suburban Philadelphia if they get the support they need.

Gort said...

Congrats on your effort. Unfortunatley I can't do fund raising for a couple of reasons. BTW, I'm not in the Lehigh Valley but the Wyoming Valley of Luzerne County.

eRobin said...

Blogosphere Day is fun! I wrote about PSPB at the American Street.