Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quick News Round Up

The State Senate passed the budget in the wee hours of the mornign on Sunday. Link to story in the Inky here. ("After delay, Pa. Senate passes budget," By Mario F. Cattabiani and Amy Worden). My favorite sentence:

Without that [revisions to the state's slots law], Fumo said, he would not allow Democratic members to vote for the budget, even though it was supported by Rendell, a fellow Democrat.

He wouldn't allow people to vote? Something wrong there.

Everyone else noted this six months ago, but it just came to my attention. Ebonya Washington, a Yale economist, studied federal legislator's voting records on issues relating to women and found that the more daughters a male legislator has the more favorable his votes. details here. I'm not sure how this explains Bob Casey....

If you have checked in looking for the weekly legislative update, it is delayed by the weekend sessions. Expect it early next week.

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