Sunday, July 16, 2006

Off Topic: Broom Tree Blogging

I had reason to read I Kings 19 yesterday and noted that in it Elijah fell asleep under a broom tree. Reading this you no doubt have the same "Eureka!" moment that I did. What comes to mind? The Plantagenets, of course. The family that ruled England from Henry II through Richard III. Henry's father, Geoffrey of Anjou, liked to put a sprig of broom in his hat. The family name derives from the botanical name, planta genista, but you probably already knew that. Isn't it wonderful that we all share these varied but interconnected interests? And people think we're solely concerned with politics. Ha!

Those broom trees really get around. Anyone have any other broom-related trivia?


Gort said...

Nobody is doing politics tonight. It's great.

AboveAvgJane said...

And I had to go and post an interview. Ruined the evening's non-political theme. You just can't take me anywhere. It's so sad.