Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Joe Sestak on Radio Times

Yesterday Radio Times continued it's "Meet the Candidate" series with an hour long discussion between Marty Moss-Coane and Joe Sestak, Democratic candidate for the 7th congressional district. Incumbent Republican Curt Weldon has also been invited on the show. (This was probably mentioned as a way of demonstrating the show isn't partisan).

PA-7 Watch provides links to the show in mp3 and Real Audio if you want to listen yourself, which I would recommend if you are interested in the race.

I'm not very good at transcribing radio or tv interviews or debates but here are my impressions of the main points covered.

The conversation between Moss-Coane and Sestak focused on foreign policy. He thinks we should be our of Iraq at the end of 2007 except for support for some special missions. Regarding Iran, Sestak thinks we have outsourced leadership of the situation to the European Union. We need to work through others but use direct negotiations if necessary to find key sanctions. In the Middle East, we have not provided leadership. We have a unique opportunity. In a crisis a good leader looks for opportunity.

They also discussed health insurance and pharmaceutical benefits.

Callers were most interested in domestic issues.

These are just a few of the points covered and only my impressions of them. While we say the discussion was an hour it was really only 45 minutes. You could pack in a lunch and listen to it over the noon hour with time to spare for a trip to the snack machine. Or listen at home. For those who like such things Sestak has a voice that is very easy to listen to. If he decides politics is not where his future is, broadcasting may be an option.

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