Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bryan Lentz Receives Combat Badge

Bryan Lentz has been awarded the Army Combat Action Badge active engagement by enemy while in Iraq in 2004. According to the press release:

In one incident, in September 2004, Lentz was the senior ranking officer on a convoy north of the city of Mosul that came under attack by insurgents. The unit’s mission was to travel to several water treatment plants to help initiate water reconstruction projects in the region.

“It is certainly an honor to receive the Army Combat Action Badge,” said Lentz. "But, today my thoughts and prayers are with America's real heroes, those men and women who are still serving in harm’s way, and the many soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. May God bless them all."

Bryan Lentz is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 161st Legislative District in Delaware County. Lentz served with distinction in the Iraq War and with MFO and NATO peacekeeping missions in the Sinai Peninsula and Bosnia. In civilian life, Lentz served for six years as a prosecutor with the Philadelphia District Attorney's office, where he prosecuted violent crime.

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