Saturday, March 25, 2006

Valerie McDonald Roberts Update

According to a press release received today:

Harrisburg, PA March 25, 2006: Today at the meeting of the Democratic State Committee candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Valerie McDonald Roberts withdrew her request for endorsement.

McDonald Roberts announced her decision in an impassioned speech before Democratic State Committee Members. She stated:

“This is about choice. Everyone has a god given right to choose and you all as popularly elected party officials have the responsibility as well as the right to choose who would be the best person on the ticket. But to my supporters, I see the agony in your eyes; I see that you know what needs to be done but that doing so will cause you difficulty. I don’t want anyone to have to go through any more difficulties here on my behalf. So I am going to withdraw name from consideration from endorsement.

Instead I am going to take my case to the people. I will continue run my race because I believe I am the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor and I believe that I represent what the people of Pennsylvania are looking for. I am going to continue to talk to the people and I am going to go to all the counties to deliver my message of a fresh perspective and a fresh face. I will show the people that I am not change for the sake of change but that I have substance and that I provide balance and strength to the ticket. Remember, our battle is November. And I am going to fight to keep Pennsylvania blue in the Governor’s office.”

Shortly after she spoke candidate McDonald Roberts left to continue campaigning in Philadelphia, living up to her pledge to take her campaign to the people.

This afternoon McDonald Roberts attended a previously scheduled forum in Philadephia, sponsored by Neighborhood Networks and the African American Heritage Coalition. I was not able to attend but hope that someone who was there will blog about it.

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