Sunday, September 20, 2015

PA in the WSJ notes

A few Pennsylvania related notes from this week's Wall Street Journal:

Monday, Sept. 14th

Quality Bicycle Products' warehouse in Lancaster is highlighted in "Companies are seeing the light on energy efficiency," by David Winning.  Their investment in LED lights paid over in a year and a half.

Tuesday, Sept. 15th

"The best ways to network at a party," by Sue Shellenbarger quotes three Pennsylvania experts.  Anne Baber, of Contacts Count, a networking consultant in Newtown talked at nonverbal cues.  Luiz Vieira is mentioned as "president of Philadelphia technology and consumer-product materials company and a member of an association of CEO's."  He works with Karen Kaufman, a Philadelphia impression management coach.  (Note:  Baber is the co-author of a book Making your contacts count.)

All Theresa Zelonis had to do to get mentioned in the WSJ was visit North Dakota.  See "If North Dakota is the last state you'd ever visit, you are welcome," by Natalie Andrews.  Ms. Zelonis is listed as being from Pennsylvania, no town given.

Wednesday, Sept. 16th

Someone's going to hell. "The Pope's visit is one hot ticket," by Lisa Beilfuss discusses several attempts at scalping tickets to papal events.  The one that caught my eye was the offer to trade papl access for four Eagles tickets.  Get those priorities in order!

Saturday / Sunday Sept. 19th-20th

In a review of two books on refrigeration, reviewer Bee Wilson notes that in Tom Jackson's book Chilled there is a description of ice taken from the Schuylkill River in Philly.  It was dark green.  This is provided as evidence that in the late 1800's the river water wasn't clean.

"Fans press Penn State to restore a coach's legacy," by Kris Maher.  The title is self-explanatory.  You know of whom they write.

Rev. Bill Gaius, of West Mifflin, who is living in a small structure designed to look like a space capsule, is the focus of "'Pastornaut' on a mission," by Kris Maher.  It is a fundraiser for his church's youth program.

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