Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jack Hansen's Election Results

Jack Hansen, Democratic candidate for the 24th state senate  seat, ran a write-in campaign in the May primary.  He needed 500 votes in the primary to be on the fall general election ballot.  It's a tricky seat because the district contains parts of three counties.

How did he do?  Overall he received 1,506 votes, triple what he needed.  (That number is what his campaign reported; the write-in vote totals were a few higher which leads me to believe Hansen recieved most of the write-in votes in Berks and Bucks.)  Here's the county breakdown, along with the votes received by Republican incumbent Bob Mensch:

Berks County:  It just lists the number of write-ins (89 D); Mensch received 1153 votes
Bucks County:  D write-ins (484); Mensch 1578
Montgomery:  Hansen 945; Mensch 4,586

Since Hansen is listed by name in the Montco results, and there are other D votes just listed as "write-in" (118) I'm not sure if Hansen was on the ballot in that county or not.  Since his votes were separated out from just write-ins I would think so.

For a write-in campaign he did extremely well.  Even without the Montco results he would have received enough votes to be on the ballot.  Kudos, Mr. Hansen.

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