Thursday, July 31, 2014

Belated Bucks Co Primary Result Reflections

Always late to the party, I'm just  now taking an in-depth look at primary results.  You can play along at home at  A few thoughts:

* More Democrats than Republicans turned out, probably due to the contested congressional primary.  Almost twice as many Dems took the time to vote.

* However, the turnout wasn't consistent across races.  For example, if my math is correct (never a good bet, check me on this before re-posting anything) 16,988 Republicans cast a vote for governor, 18,522 for lt. gov, and 19,634 for Mike Fitzpatrick in the 8th congressional race.  That means nearly 3,000 Republican voters purposefully did not pull a lever or push a button for the governor's race.  That's harsh.

* How did other races stack up?  For govenor, Democrats cast 35,713 votes, for lt gov 32,226 votes, for 8th congressional district 33,363 votes.  So Dems were more invested in the governor's race, less so the lt gov, and congress getting the Goldilocks spot in the middle.

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