Friday, June 20, 2014

Dead is the Doorman

Every new blogger follows a few existing blogs just to watch someone else practice their craft, even is the subject matter is completely different.  One of the non-political blogs I used to read frequently was The Doorman,(Clublife) also called Standing On A Box.  It was written by a bouncer at a NYC club.  The blogger was often angry and wrote about the foibles of the club clientele.  But I watched how he interacted with readers in the comments, how often he wrote, the way he structured posts, and other general blogging qualities.

The Doorman wrote about getting a book deal based on his blog, and then working in the editorial field.  Gradually I read less and less often, until I stopped altogether.  Today, for whatever reason, I checked in on him.  He died last month, age -- early 40's, no cause of death listed.

RIP The Dooman / Rob Fitzgerald / Robert Ihlendfeldt

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