Friday, February 14, 2014

Wadud Ahmad Supports Katie McGinty

Kate McGinty's campaign sent out a list of people on her finance committees (Philly, Pittsburgh, and national).  McGinty is one of the Democratic candidates for governor.  The first name on her Philadelphia committee is Wadud Ahmad.  While I have long admired Ahmad & Zaffarese's law firm ads on the regional rail trains (now Ahmad, Zaffarese, and Smyler), I had no idea he had political interests.

Ahmad has updated and expanded the bio on the law firm's site.  Turns out he has an artistic side, with credits as a musician and poet.  He also served on Seth William's transition team and was recently named to the Pennsylvania Tobacco Settlement Investment Board.  Who knew!!????  I thought he was just a lawyer with intriguing posters on the train.

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Anonymous said...

Wadud, as I've gotten to know him, is a fascinating man.