Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cickay in State Senate 10th District

Steve Cickay is challenging State Senator Chuck McIlhenny for the Pennsylvania State Senate seat in the 10th district (Bucks County).  Cickay is currently the Communications Chair of the Bucks County Democrats.  He has been active in community organizations, including his synagogue, for many years.  A more recent interest is rescue dogs.  Locally he may be best known for his op-eds and letters to the editor of the Bucks County papers. 

You can read more at "Newtown Democrat to Challenge McIlhenny," by James McGinnis, Bucks County Courier Times, 2/26/14.

No campaign website but reportedly one is underway.

Here is the introductory press release:

At the Bucks County Democratic Committee’s Endorsement Meeting on Saturday, February 22, 2014, in Southampton, Steve Cickay, Democrat and resident of Newtown since 1985, declared his candidacy for the Pennsylvania District 10 Senate seat, now occupied by Senator Chuck McIlhinney. Steve spent a lifetime dedicated to public service as a federal employee in the Departments of Army, Navy, Labor, and Treasury and ended his career as a member of the Senior Executive Service in the field of information technology, managing over 600 employees and providing service to over 35,000 customers.
“I am appalled at the direction Governor Corbett and his Republican legislators have taken Pennsylvania over the past few years, “ said candidate Cickay. “Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure is crumbling, investments in our children’s education have been drastically cut, and our precious environment is being destroyed by greedy energy corporations who fail to pay their fair share of taxes. “ Candidate Cickay also expressed dismay over the failure to support Medicaid expansion, which has hurt Pennsylvania’s working poor and turned away millions of federal dollars from Pennsylvania that could have stimulated our economy.  “Failure to raise the minimum wage, failure to support marriage equality, and failure to support women’s freedom and pay equality make Pennsylvania seem like a state that is heading backward instead of forward into the 21st century,” said Mr. Cickay.

 Mr. Cickay feels that a Democratic governor will definitely be elected in the fall and that, therefore, it is critical that a Democratic Senator be elected in District 10. Otherwise, he feels we will simply see a period of obstruction and inaction from the legislature during a critical time where action is necessary on a variety of critical fronts. Mr. Cickay is looking forward to meeting with voters all across District 10 over the next few months to assess their dissatisfaction with the current Republican leadership and hear directly from the voters their ideas for moving Pennsylvania forward.

Steve Cickay has been married to his wife Susan for over 33 years and raised two children through the Council Rock School system. He is currently retired and very active in local Newtown and BCDC politics, as well as various volunteer activities.

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