Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two Notes on the Government Shut Down

Two notes on the government shutdown:

Chris Cillizza's Washington Post column / blog "The Fix" highlighted "Just how bad was the shutdown for congressional Republicans?"  It has an interesting chart showing the results of public polling on a generic congressional ballot.  

More polling news:  The Natural Resources Defense Council commissioned a poll from Public Policy Polling, asking people how they felt specifically about the EPA being shut down.  Poll results are available online.  Here are a few highlights:

While most Americans oppose the shutdown, even more don’t like that furloughed EPA inspectors, suspended cleanup of toxic dumps, and delayed work on carbon pollution limits for power plants—the centerpiece of President Obama’s climate action plan.
This is true nationally, among Latinos, in key states, in districts represented by once-moderate House Republicans who have changed their positions to support the Tea Party’s agenda—and even in House Speaker John Boehner’s home district.

Sixty-nine percent of those surveyed said they opposed statements from politicians who had said the EPA should remain closed even if other agencies reopened.  

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