Thursday, October 03, 2013

Patrick Murphy on the Affordable Care Act

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy has issued an op-ed on the Affordable Care Act ("Was losing my seat for Obamacare worth it?").  It appears on the MSNBC site.  Here is an excerpt:

But hearing the heartbreaking stories of so many families who were denied coverage–who went bankrupt because of medical bills–that was too much for me. In 2010 alone, 26,100 people prematurely died due to lack of health coverage. That is immoral. How can anyone rationalize that the greatest country on Earth, with the best doctors, stood by decade after decade as fellow Americans died prematurely because they didn’t have access to health insurance? Whether it was a pre-existing condition or affordability, something had to be done. Every major stakeholder–doctors, seniors, hospitals, PhRMA–all came together and endorsed Obamacare. But that is policy, not politics.

That's not the only thing he's in the news for today.  Politico has an article by Lucy McCalmont with the title:  "Patrick Murphy hints Gabby Giffords shooting tied to ACA vote."  I was at some of the Bucks County events and rallies that he mentions and things did get ugly.  The screaming and yelling was bad enough but the hateful comments (A woman saying "Jesus would throw you out!" to someone holding a What Would Jesus Do sign) were alarming. 

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