Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DePasquale on Voter ID

from yesterday's inbox:

 Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today released the following statement on the use of $1 million by the Pennsylvania Department of State to buy television advertisements promoting a voter identification law that is on hold until Commonwealth Court rules whether it is constitutional:
“With two weeks to go until the general election I am flabbergasted that the Department of State continues to waste $1 million to run television ads telling people to be prepared to present photo identification when they go to the polls Nov. 5. The courts have made it very clear that photo IDs are not required to vote on Nov. 5, even though the court has ordered them not to implement the requirement.
“Wasting $1 million to promote a law that is not even in effect is like putting $1 million on my 2-4 Steelers to win this year’s Super Bowl. Instead of spending $1 million on a voter education problem that doesn’t exist, we should invest in making it easier for eligible voters to cast their ballot.
“I am surprised that during these times of very tight budgets for government at all levels, that anyone in the state would want to spend money on TV ads that foster confusion rather than provide clarity on the issue.”

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