Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rob Teplitz on PCN's "Freshman Focus"

Sen. Rob Teplitz, newly elected in the 15th state senate district which includes Harrisburg, is among the legislators featured on PCN's "Freshman Focus" series.  These are short video interviews, done around the time the officials took office in January.  The information is a little dated now but does provide a glimpse of their priorities and personality.  I've heard Sen. Teplitz speak a few times and have been very impressed with him.  This is not intended to be a full transcript but are rough notes.  Interested readers are encouraged to listen to the video themselves.

Q: What was your motivation?

RT:  I grew up in this area.  My wife and I are raising our two young boys here.  I have a passion for public service.  I’ve worked for Bob Casey and Jack Wagner.    I looked for other ways to serve and am honored to have this opportunity.

Q:  Solve one problem for district?

RT:  City of Harrisburg debt crisis.  Want to come in, get all parties around the table.

Q:  Committees?

RT:  Education, local government, appropriations, transportation.  Gave long wish list to Senate Dems

Q:  Background as a lawyer and in govt.

RT:  Experience in private and public sector.  Public sector experience very important, worked in auditor general’s office.  Had my sleeves rolled up, feel prepared

Q:  Hobbies?

RT:  Free time is with family, driving kids around, spent time with wife and kids.  They are excited, happy to have Daddy back.  Excited, honored to have this opportunity.  Providing good constituent services.  

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