Thursday, May 09, 2013

Rob McCord's Mother's Day Message

from the inbox, a Mother's Day note from State Treasurer Rob McCord:

Each day, I am amazed at the care and affection my wife Leigh shows our two sons. This Mother’s Day, I join husbands, fathers, and children across Pennsylvania to celebrate the women who play the important role of mom in our lives.

There are many ways we can express our appreciation to the mothers in our lives – gifts of pampering, some high quality family time, or a meal cooked in her honor. But there is a gift you can give back to your mother that she may not have realized was hers in the first place – unclaimed property from the Pennsylvania Treasury.

Many people don’t realize they have unclaimed property – things like forgotten bank accounts, lost stocks or bonds, or uncashed checks. We estimate that Pennsylvanians have a one-in-10 chance of finding property in their name at, so chances are good that you can find something for mom. This is one time that “re-gifting” won’t land you in the doghouse!

While you are spending time with your mother this weekend, don’t forget to help her find out if she can benefit from these other government programs and services:

·         Homestead Exclusion property tax reduction
·         Property Tax/Rent Rebate
·         PACE and PACENET prescription assistance programs

And please be sure to visit or call 1-800-222-2046 to find out if we are holding any property for the mother you celebrate this weekend. It’s free to search and claim property. If you find something in her name, you can let her know on Sunday that you are helping her put her money back in her wallet!

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