Monday, March 25, 2013

Montco County-Wide Nondiscrimination Ordinance?

from the inbox:

Josh Shapiro, chairman of the Montgomery County Commissioners, has instructed the county solicitor to assemble a work group to explore the possibility of the county passing a county-wide non-discrimination ordinance. One of the issues that the group assembled by Solicitor Ray McGarry will study is whether the county has the ability to pass such an ordinance under the Class 2A County Code.  Most of the counties that have passed similar ordinances are "home rule" counties.  Montgomery County is not. "This is an issue of basic fairness for all Montgomery County residents, and the action I took today will allow us to explore the possibility of enacting such an ordinance," Shapiro said at the bi-weekly county commissioners meeting. "Such an ordinance would ensure the rights of every county resident, including those who aren't protected now like the LGBT community," Shapiro said.

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