Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drucker on 422

from the inbox:

Dear Voter,

I am Paul Drucker, your candidate for State Representative.  I am writing to you to set the record straight and personally tell you that I do NOT support tolling Route 422.  My opponent is trying to mislead you in an attempt to distract from his record and the real issues facing our community. 

While I do not support tolling 422, I do support fixing it.  I support fixing all of the crumbling roads and bridges in our community, and across Pennsylvania, and I support doing so without burdening taxpayers.  Tolling 422 is not an option, and it is not what is best for our community. 

My opponent wasted our opportunity to improve 422 when he refused to make gas drillers pay their fair share.  He put the needs of his campaign contributors and special interests, especially Marcellus Shale gas drillers, ahead of the needs of our community.  Instead of standing up for us, he stood with them and voted to give away billions in taxpayer money to the gas industry.  That is money that belongs to us, and should have been used to fix our roads, not to mention fund our schools and build a brighter future. 

 Investing in transportation would create over 50,000 sustainable jobs, benefiting businesses, job creators, communities and taxpayers.  These are the jobs Pennsylvanians need and deserve.

Repairing and maintaining our roads and bridges is important for our safety and quality of life.  Nearly 40% of the bridges we use every day are becoming unsafe for us and our children. Many of us spend hours sitting in traffic when we would rather be spending time with our families.  By putting gas drillers and other special interests first, my opponent is costing us more than money. 

At the minimum, we expect our elected officials to keep us safe.  At best, we expect them to empower us to make our lives better.  My opponent has failed us on both accounts.  He has also failed to honor his commitment to fiscal responsibility. The transportation funding crisis is costing us, the taxpayers, $1 Million per day.  Sticking taxpayers with a multi-billion dollar tab while giving away billions to the gas industry is not responsible by anyone’s standard.

Don’t fall for my opponent’s tricks.  The next time you are sitting in standstill traffic when you would rather be spending time with your family, thank him.

As your State Representative, I will put us and our community ahead of the gas industry and other special interests.  I need your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th so I can stand-up for us.  Together we can return fairness to Harrisburg and build the brighter future we all deserve.


Paul Drucker, Candidate for State Representative, 157th District

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Anonymous said...

Here's Paul Drucker ON VIDEO saying he supports 422 tolling...

This guy flat out lies...