Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sales of Presidential Campaign Merchandise at Cafe Press

Our friends at Cafe Press track sales of campaign-related merchandise.  If you aren't familiar wth Cafee Press, the company allows people to custom design t-shirts, mugs, etc., and set up an online business selling it.  The firm says

With an average of over 130,000 new designs uploaded every week, CafePress is often seen as a Cultural Barometer®. The Meter graphs track merchandise sales trends for each presidential candidate and believes that how people spend money on political merchandise says a lot about a candidate’s supporters and the way they will vote.
So what are they seeing these days?

The first image is of sales of candidate merchandise in some battleground states.  Blue is Obama merchandise; red is Romney.

The second image is pro Romney and anti-Romney merchandise sales in selected states:

The third image is pro Obama and anti Obama merchandise sales in selected states:

 What does it all mean?  I'm not sure but it will be interesting to compare sales to election results in November.

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