Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Misleading Mailer

This weekend our household received a large postcard in the mail telling us to make sure we have proper id to vote.  Nothing wrong with that except the card has incorrect, or rather incomplete, information on it.  The cards lists acceptable photo ID's for voting.  Among them:
Issued by accredited PA public or private colleges, universities or seminaries
Notice anything?  It doesn't say these IDs have to have an expiration date on it somewhere (printed, sticker, etc).  The listing for military IDs includes wording on expiration dates so I don't know why it isn't included on the student ID listing and I wonder how many students will go to the polls and find out their ID isn't sufficient to let them vote. 

It is increasingly clear that the voter ID legislation was not thought through and not planned well.  There's no reason to start it in such a short time. 

If you have a famous son you can get quick individual service and get an ID in short order (See "Jim Cramer  solves his dad's voter ID mess in 7 hours," by Ryan J. Reilly, TPM Muckracker, 9/13/2012), or if you are suing the state ( see "Pennsylvania voter ID plantiff gets card amid appeal," 8/17/12) you can get an id without the required paperwork.  But if you are just an average retired CEO you might be in trouble (see Annette John-Hall's article in the Inquirer on 9/25).

Botched mailings and bumbled public statements do little to add credibility to this mess.  Let's remember this mess when the people who passed voter ID are on the ballot (as many will be this November).  

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