Sunday, July 08, 2012

Duck Duck Go: PA's Homegrown Search Engine

The May issue of Philadelphia Magazine had a short interview with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of, a new search engine. Weinberg lives in the Philadelphia area. I'd noticed Duck Duck Go showing up a few times as a referral site but hadn't really looked at it. Duck Duck Go is interesting search engine. I tested it this with a variety of terms. At the top of the results you will get a short list of possible subject areas for the term(s) you entered. For example, type in Tesla and before a general listing of sites, it provides a box with links to results for Nicola Tesla, the tesla coil, and the tesla car. The big bang theory throws it a bit -- it gets you the tv show but not the astronomical theory. Big bang alone gets the astronomical theory. I searched some obscure historical and literary topics as well and always retrieved relevant materials.

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