Friday, July 20, 2012

Drucker Endorsements

Paul Drucker, Democratic candidate to regain the 157th state house district, received several endorsements this week.  The organizations are:

  • Conservation Votes of PA
  • Clean Water Action
  • Sierra Club

from the press release:
“For those who value clean air, safe drinking water, and natural open spaces, Paul Drucker is the clear choice in the 157th district,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania. “As State Representative, Drucker consistently voted to protect the health of the people of Pennsylvania, to promote clean energy jobs, and to protect crucial open spaces.  Representative Warren Kampf has shown different priorities, supporting Governor Corbett’s efforts to slash funding for environmental protections while handing millions in tax breaks to massive oil and gas companies.”

In a statement to the campaign, Bill Brainerd, Political Co-chair of the Southeastern PA Sierra Club said, “Paul's bill encouraging green school construction and his vigorous support for a severance tax on natural gas show he is a friend of the environment. The $1,000,000 in state funding he secured for a solar array atop the Paoli Superfund site puts to good use an otherwise untouchable site.”

Russel Brady, Eastern PA Director for Clean Water Action also pointed to Drucker’s strong record and forward-thinking approach as reasons for his organization’s endorsement of Drucker."Southeast Pennsylvanians already pay too high a price for environmental negligence. Between air pollution and waterways that can't handle the dirty rainwater we force into them, we need representation that will take the long view. We call on our Clean Water Action members to vote for Paul Drucker. He understands that we can grow the economy in ways that don't force taxpayers to pay the bill later for pollution and degradation that could have been prevented with some forward thinking."

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