Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Young Women Don't Like MItt Romney

Chris Cillizza wrote a blog entry for this "The Fixx" blog at the Washington Post, on the possibility of a permanent gender gap between the main political parties.  Looking at the demographic data accompanying a presidential poll, Cillizza noted:

The number that really stands out is that among women between the ages of 18-29, Obama is beating Romney by 45 points. Yes, 45. While Obama is leading Romney among all 18-29 years old by 28 points (61 percent to 33 percent), the fact he is down by such a vast margin among young women has to set off red flags in Republican world.

What GOP strategists have to hope is that as these women age, their views on the two parties change. Or, that this massive gender gap among young women is unique to Obama and Romney and won’t be replicated when other candidates run for president in four, eight or twelve years time. Or that the intense focus on contraception and other women’s issue during the Republican presidential primary process is temporarily skewing Romney’s numbers negatively among young women.

Read the entire post, "A permanent gender gap problem for Republicans?"

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George DeMarse said...

If Republicans did not wage war on womens' reproductive rights (mostly poor women, since they need the most help from the state) and if Republicans were not guided by moral and sexual practices cobbled together 2000 years ago(or 2000 year old principles as interpreted by old male Republicans) and as long as Republicans keep pandering to voters who espouse 2000 year old moral and sexual practices (don't know how Mormons fit in here), and if Republicans keep bashing gays and lesbians as "contrary to God's laws," and if Republicans keep believing tax cuts for the rich are equivalent to fair social policy, etc., etc.
But wait! Republicans say there is no war on women--it's all a dodge by the Democrats. Problem is, 11 states and counting have passed laws limiting a woman's right to an abortion or contraceptive methods and installing invasive mandated state procedures like ultrasounds before women are allowed an abortion. These states were run by Republican legislatures and/or governors when the laws were passed. The Republican Congress also found time to issue bills limiting abortion rights, but they can't find time to pass a yearly budget.
So yes, there is a Republican war on women's reproductive rights. And there's your answer.