Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Montco Grand Jury Notes

The Montgomery County Grand Jury Report regarding the activities of the county commissioners and other county staff is available online.  It is a 70 page pdf.  For those interesting in local government it is fascinating reading.  Take a look at:

Incoming commissioners Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards issued the following statement:

The following is a joint statement from Montgomery County Commissioners-elect Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards on today’s release of the Grand Jury report on practices of the Montgomery County Commissioners' office and its staff:

“Earlier today, the Grand Jury in Montgomery County issued a report as a result of its lengthy investigation into certain actions and practices of the current Montgomery County Commissioners and their staff. 
“We have the highest regard for the Grand Jury process and appreciate the significant time that the members dedicated to this investigation and its report.  This report deserves careful and prudent review, and we will be sure to give due consideration to its findings and recommendations.
“It is clear that Montgomery County’s government must become more transparent and more responsible.  We talked extensively about this during the recent campaign, and proposed a series of financial, structural and procedural reforms.  We promised to change the culture in county government and we will begin to implement those changes on January 3 when we are sworn-in.
“Montgomery County deserves to have the best county government in Pennsylvania, and we will work every day to make it so."

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